(Italian) Borrowings: a way to learn languages faster 0
(Italian) Borrowings: a way to learn languages faster

(Italian) Borrowings: a way to learn languages faster

It's good to start with the words that you might actually know, no matter if they are lexical borrowings or loanwords or cognates. 

Even if the language is quite distant to your mother tongue or the ones that you actually know, it is highly unlikely that they do not have words borrowed from one another. 

Thanks to that approach you can actually be very surprised that the vocabulary of the language you are only planning to learn is quite ample. It might be because of historical paths crossed at some point, others borrow concepts or inventions together with vocabulary assigned to them.

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English Job Slang 0
English Job Slang

English job slang – Are you a jet set, Jane / John Doe or neither?

Are you a key player, a huckster or a drummer? Or maybe you have a dead-end job and need send some bragsheets out?

Being the most popular foreign language in the world and not particularly difficult to master, English has an enormous amount of words, according to Harvard University going somewhere around 1 million, under one fifth of which (ca 200k) you will actually in Oxford English Dictionary, and again one tenth of that (20-30k) is known to a native speaker. How many words do you think you know?

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