Who am I?


Hi everyone! My name is Joanna. I am a passionate foreign language learner. I have been learning various languages for as long as I can remember, and I have always had a plan to learn some new ones ;) But not sheerly for the sake of knowing them, but to be able to communicate with the majority of the human population. :)


I speak several languages:

-I am able to communicate freely and fluently in 7 languages:

-I am able to tackle basically any topic

-negotiate contracts

-verify language knowledge of the future employees.

-I speak my native Polish, English, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Italian

-I can understand another 2 (Arabic MSA, Portugese) written and spoken at a lower intermediate level

-I used to know quite well another 2 (Turkish and Greek)

-I have tried to learn another 2 (Japanese and Chinese), but it didn't work out as yet!


The knowledge of the languages per se was not my motivation, I wanted to communicate with the people and know their countries and cultures. That is why my second great love is travelling – I have visited ca. 80 countries all over the world.


I consider myself a communicative person and I love telling and being told jokes ;) Why not do it in foreign languages? As the saying goes, combine business with pleasure!


What can you do when you know several languages?


Basically everything you wish.


That is why I have worked in
-sales (15 years),
-export sales (6 years)
-with multilingual and international recruitment processes (2 years),
-as a foreign language teacher and lecturer (7 years),
-as an international guide and city guide (11 years),
-as a translator and an interpreter (6 years).
And I am not over 50, not even 40 as a matter of fact.


How on earth is that all possible? I have just made several things at the same time :)


Besides that:

-I have opened a limited liability company in Spain,

-I have recruited employees,

-I had to get acquainted in detail with the Spanish law (statute, the powers of attorney, contracts, Apostille),

-I have contracted lawyers, accountants, office and employees,

-I have managed a team of employees in Spain from Poland

-and I was responsible for all possible matters connected with leading the company abroad.


I sometimes like to try out and prepare new dishes from different parts of the world. I love sushi!


I am kind of a universal soldier, I skilfully use foreign languages to solve your business problems!


What can I do for you?


  • I can perform LANGchecks – I can check the language knowledge of the future employee - check my website www.langcheck.com

  • I can give advice on foreign language learning - how to learn foreign languages – language guiding or przewodnik językowy

  • I can conduct export trainings

  • I can give travel advice

  • I can provide individual consulting services - LANGconsultation


You can contact me by mail or via various social media that you find below:



Facebook account: LANGcheck and joanna.thepolyglot

LinkedIn account: Joanna Falkowska-Czubkowska

Twitter account: @joannapolyglot

Instagram account: joannathepolyglot

Pinterest account: joannathepolyglot

VK account: joannathepolyglot

Google+ account Joanna Thepolyglot

Youtube channel: Joanna Thepolyglot

Xing account: Joanna_ThePolyglot

Goldenline account: lang-check

Viber account: Joanna the polyglot


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