These #3 simple tips will make you learn languages in a fast and efficient way 0
These #3 simple tips will make you learn languages in a fast and efficient way



TIP #1 Find the need to learn a language INSIDE you.


Learning the language is like quitting smoking or loosing weight.


If you don't decide and make a no-going-back contract with yourself, it will NEVER happen!


Any external factor/s (I should learn English, because every speaks that language etc) have to be UNISONO with the INNER YOU!


I have quit smoking (many times and one time for good), lost weight (a few times and one time for good) and learnt several languages, and not learned a few as well.


Trust me, I know what I am talking about.


REMEMBER: Your only limit is YOU!


It's a great start, but it's not enough


That takes us to


TIP #2 Find your own WAY of learning.


You have to find the method or WAY that actually suits you, that you like it and that will make language learning not a boring chore, but fun or at least somewhere close to fun :)


Choosing the right learning method is like dating. You have to meet a man/woman live, in person, after having met them online. Until that meeting takes place, you won't know if all you thought of them is true or not until you make that one step forward of getting to know them. Whether to keep on searching or stick with this date (at least for a while) :)


It can be also compared to trying to find a piece of clothing, trying out a new dish or choosing the best hypertension drug* (*I worked as a medical rep).


Choosing the right learning method is NOT like going to the restaurant. You order a language and someone brings it to you. NOBODY will do it for you. A teacher is more of a guide giving you directions and the knowledge on a plate, but you have to grab it and learn it by yourself.


Choosing the method best for you and learning the language has to be empirical. YOU have to try them out! NOBODY can do it for you! While trying out the methods you are already learning.


TIP #3 Learn every day according to a SMART plan until it becomes your habit


You have to learn every day, have contact with the langauge every day and make it all according to your SMART plan.


So at least 15min a day – it's not a place to say that you don't have a spare 15 min every day :)


The plan should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound


Do you remember Jim Carrey Movie „Yes Man”? There was a motivational guru there saying: „Whenever an opportunity presents itself, say 'yes'!” – do say 'yes' to every opportunity and create opportunities to learn, speak and practice the langauge you have chosen to learn.


Let's start learning a new langauge today! No more excuses, someday might never come! Let's do it today!


Let's keep it up for a month and see what happens! (expanding the 3-week rule to a month)

You have to make a habit out of it and do it without thinking.


You don't think about the activity of driving a car while driving, right? You just do it automatically. Before that happened, you had to learn how to do it. Practice makes perfect.


Are you ready?


Start NOW!

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