A few years ago, my husband and I decided to go on a journey – it was almost 2 months in South-East Asia with a cruise.
We had analysed various package-tours and itineraries and created our own with personal interests only. I have worked several years as a tourist guide and I didn't want my honeymoon to be like work.
We flew in Singapore and that was the only hotel we booked. The rest was arranged on the spot according to our own meticulously prepared itinerary.
Every week I will publish one post with the sites we visited from one city or area during that journey.
You can guess what was next if you like or share your travelling adventures. Enjoy!
If you want to see some photos, check our social media.



Leaving winter behind and going on a marvellous adventure firstly in one of the most humid cities in the world. Just above the equator, rainy, hot and freezing cold in shopping centers and subway an umbrella, cape and jacket – that's what you need if you don't want to catch cold.
The city is marvellous, spacious, with so many skyscrapers like nowhere in Europe. Marina Bay Sands – the most breathtaking pool on the rooftop joining of the three amazing buidings. Looks great from the top and from the bottom. A definite must-see when you are in Singapore!



It was raining and was extremely humid and hot everywhere outside and definitely too chilly everywhere inside, somewhat 16ºC, not my cup of tea, the amplitude. We've decided to go on a hop on hop off there and get the general feelling of the city: Orchard Road and Central, ION, Mandarin Gallery and the Centrepoint. Some strolling around, subway is the most convenient way of transport.
One of the most interesting things about Singapore is that there are some unusual regulations, e.g. forbidding chewing and even possessing a chewing gum, if you sell it you can get a fine of $100K.
What happened on the 3rd day of our journey? Check next week.
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Another day in Singapore. What have we seen today? The most recognizable landmarks: Esplanade Santec City Hall, Fountain of Wealth, Singapore River, City gallery, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge Esplanade, Merlion Park, Raffles Avenue. It is really amazing what you can see in this small (716km2) city/country. Small but powerful being one of the biggest harbours and financial centers in the world.

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As I mentioned before, we didn't have a strict itinerary, just the general idea when and where we want to be, but how to get there was the question of on-the-spot planning. Initially we wanted to go to KL (pronounced /keyel/, nobody says Kuala Lumpur) by train, but since there was a heavy rainfall the train tracks were flooded and we had to choose an alternative way of transportation. We ended up going there by bus, which had seats like a first-class plane. Not even close to what we had expected from a regular-looking bus and a rather normal ticket price. Not bad.
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This is by far the biggest and the most incredible shopping centre I have ever been to. It has a roller coaster inside. Can you imagine that? Kids go play in the small family park and the parents can shop without constantly whining that they're bored. How to connect pleasure for the young and the grown-ups? Go to KLCC Shopping Center and see for yourself. Other attractions included the renowned Petronas Towers, the Mosque and Town Hall, Merdeka Square and Little India.
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This was our last day in KL, the city is really impressive, one of the highest buidlings in the world, a lot of modern buildings and many traditional ones and a plentiful of green areas. We've visited the Planetarium Negara and Chinatown. The country's main religion is Islam, but it is not like Islam in Egypt, you can just feel the difference. On this day we went to Changloon by bus and from there straight to Thailand.
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We are finally getting closer to our next destination Ao Nang. We took a taxi to the border and another to Hat Yai, a bus to Krabi and tuk tuk to Ao Nang. There has just been a Chinese New Year, so everybody is going for holidays these days. We found a nice family hotel not very far from the beach for our headquarters for the next few days. Getting to know the neighbourhood, trying local food, fruit cocktails, fresh fruit and planning our next steps and booking a boat tour for tomorrow.
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For an equivalent of 25EUR per person, 1000bahts we bought a whole day boat tour round the neighbouring islands. We went to Bamboo Island, which was all in bamboo before the tsunami in 2004, the name remained, the bamboos didn't. The next ones are Phi Phi Lay and Phi Phi Don also suffered during the tsunami – we can now see the evacuation routes on the island, just in case another tragedy. The island is truly picturesque and the tragedy is nowhere to be seen anymore. Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Ton Son Bay, Lon Dalam Bay, Loh Lana Bay. Our guide was in one of the bays during the tsunami and luckily it didn't get inside the atoll-like bay, so she was safe and survived and only after leaving the bay knew what has happened. The day was great. The lazy atmosphere, beautiful scenery and great value for money! I truly recommend it!
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Today we went on another tour. If you are a James Bond fan, you'll immediately know what I am talking about, if not, I'll tell you 1974 Man with the Golden Gun. Thanks to that movie Khao Phing Kan became James Bond Island – small beach with a view of a rock in a shape of a bludgeon and a lot of people taking the picture of it simultaneously :) Phang Nga National Park around it. If you want, you can take a canoe and get a swim in the ocean between mangrove forest and underwater caves. Quite an interesting experience! The next step is a village on the water – you can see how people live, work and function in such an unusual environment. Monkey Buddha Temple – interesting, if you like the smell of faeces, if not a quick glimpse is more than enough. Monkeys are really cheeky and might be dangerous. At the end you can relax by the waterfall. Another relaxing day in Thailand comes to an end.
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