Should I learn 2 languages at once? 0
Should I learn 2 languages at once?


Should I learn 2 languages at once?

Many people ask me if they should learn 2 or even more languages at the same time. The thing is that if you want, nobody can stop you, but to my mind it wouldn't be very efficient.


There are several questions you need to answer:

  1. Why do I want to learn 2 languages at once. Isn't learning just one is challenging enough?

  2. Do I know one of the languages well enough already?

  3. Are the languages I want to learn somehow related?

  4. How much time do I want to invest in each of them?

  5. How fast do I want to learn them?



If the 2 languages you are planning to learn aren't the first foreign languages you are going to learn, then you might keep on reading to get the gist of the pros and cons of such decision, if they are, I wouldn't recommend that at all. First, you need to encompass how to learn the 1st foreign language, if you get engaged in too many things at once you will end up frustrated sooner than you think.

It is also extremely challenging also for a person already speaking several foreign languages.



If you already know one of the languages you are planning to learn on a decent level, A2/B1 at least then it will be much easier, if not, I strongly recommend that you reconsider.



If the languages are related, such as Italian and Spanish or Spanish and Portugese or Swedish and Norwegian, DO NOT start learning two at once. It is definitely not a good idea, because you will keep mixing them up. You might anyway if they are not related, but here the proximity will cause even greater confusion, because they sound the same. Even if you know the above mentioned pairs already, you might still find yourself bewildered and mixing up some of the words.


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The other thing to ponder on is to know if you want to obtain the same progress in both languages, regardless of your previous knowledge of either. In other words, if you want to learn 1h per day of each of the 2 languages, think if you really are able to invest so much time each day. Or maybe you want to improve slightly with the language that you already have some knowledge of and speed up with the new one? I will tell you again: Think it over very thoroughly.


And Good luck!









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