And I'm not talking about basketball...

Do you want to learn a language, finish, achieve or accomplish something?

Then you have to apply the 3-second rule to your daily routine.

How to do it?

If you are wondering whether to do something or not, count to 3 and do it!

If you don't decide on doing that in the first 3 seconds, you might postpone it till whenever and the possibility to finish something you wanted will vanish into thin air.

(And I'm not talking about some shopping fad, but the things that can actually change your life.)

Why does it happen?

Because your brain was too lazy to stop doing whatever you were doing when the urge came and get down to work.

Do you find hard at times to accomplish projects or learn regularly? Share in the comments below

We are soon launching language guiding project. If you want to know how to learn languages successfully and on your own, follow us in social media.


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